Welcome to the Allerton Villages website, the repository for all the information you need if you live in the Allerton villages, are planning to live in the Allerton villages or are just passing through. The Allerton villages consist of Chapel Allerton, Stone Allerton and Ashton. Most of us around here live within the parish of Chapel Allerton, although – somewhat confusingly – a significant number of us in Stone Allerton instead come under the jurisdiction of Weare.

This is not intended to be the place for fast-moving information, as this is more the domain of our two Facebook groups: the public one and the private one. It’s also not intended to take the place of the Allerton News, and we are grateful for them for funding this site as an adjunct to the excellent work that they do.

We very much want this place to be available to everyone in the village to put their own content on, so if you run a society or sports team or any other kind of local group, drop us a line and we’ll set up a page for you to use. There’s more help on what being a content provider involves here.

For the moment, this site should be regarded as being a bit of a work in progress, and it will be expanded over the next few weeks. Indeed, you will note that several of the pages are marked as “To be added”. The developers welcome any constructive suggestions for improvement, via the form below. We’d be particularly interested in ideas for incorporating some historical content, for example. We want this to become a valuable resource for the Allerton villages community. Please do bookmark this address!